It can be overwhelming to be given many options on which fence you can purchase - especially when you don't know which one fits you and your family best. Not to mention, you might be buying a more expensive fence than you need, or you might not be getting enough.

This is where WE come in


There are very few companies that delve into installing Vinyl fences. Luckily for you, we are one of those companies! Two years hitting the Angie's List Super Service Award is something you want to pay attention to when you are building fence, especially a vinyl fence. Many people don't know the proper process or the fine details in this luxury fence option, so leave it to us to make sure it is done right. We supply only the highest quality vinyl that comes with a lifetime warranty on the materials.*

Starting at $40/ft

Board on Board

This wood fence style is more common in newer and updated developments. However, it can be implemented anywhere and will make all of your neighbors ooh and ahh at the stunning look this fence style brings. This style allows one to enjoy complete privacy on the ground level as there is no gap between pickets - hence the name 'board on board.' Due to the overlapping nature, more wood is involved as well as more labor and planning so it tends to be a little bit more expensive than the standard 'side-by-side' fence.

Starting at $27/Linear Foot

Wrought Iron

The "Choice" for those trying to secure their property while allowing for beautiful views of the landscape around them. Wrought Iron Fences start at 4' and we can provide up to 8' options. There are large ranges from plain flat top to highly decorative tops, and even solid wrought iron options that are made to last hundreds of years. Finally we also offer Ameristar fencing for those with the budget to afford it.

Starting at $19/ft

Stockade - "Side by Side"

Known in the industry as stockade fencing, this is the 'standard' wood fence style throughout the United States especially in the south. This fence style is mostly private, has a nice protective feel to it, and serves well to keep the kids and the pets in the safety of your yard. This style is the most economic route when choosing a wood fence.

Starting at $19/Linear Foot

Chain Link

Also called Cyclone fencing, chain link options are meant to provide security without the privacy of a wooden fence for a more economic cost than wrought iron. Although the standard chain link comes in galvanized gray, you can upgrade to black coated for only $6 more per linear foot.

Starting at $17/ft


The modern approach. The horizontal fence is a very popular choice in the west coast and gives a hint of the orient in its presentation. This fence style is quite remarkable stunning and can range in price depending on the wood used and how the posts are arranged. This style actually allows the homeowner to not only use fence pickets for the facing, but also tongue & groove boards and various other flooring or siding material. Creativity runs beautifully wild in the modern fencing world.  

Starting at $26/Linear Foot


"Shadow box fences, widely thought of as "good neighbor" fences, feature pickets on both sides of the fence rails so that the fence looks identical on both sides. A shadow box fence has spaces between the pickets to allow air to pass through, but the pickets on the opposite side of the fence line up with the gaps to block the view. As you walk along the fence, you might see grass or a bit of your neighbor's house, but enough of the view is blocked to provide privacy."

Starting at $26/linear foot

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