MNG was established in 2015 with the vision to bring a recognizable name in Fencing and Outdoor Design in the great State of Texas. The Founders understood that home beautification service is not something that should be taken lightly. We believe that our customers' homes are part of how we present ourselves to the world. We also believe that mankind was entrusted with a large responsibility - One aspect of that is the care-taking of and the beautification of the earth.


MNG recognized that there was a disconnect between contracting companies and their customers on many different levels. They are dedicated to making Fencing & Patio an incredibly enjoyable and personal experience between you and them.


They are a modest FAMILY outfit servicing the Greater Houston area. Their goal is to make MNG the NAME in Fencing and Patio. But they desire to be more than just a brand, but rather a name that the people all over Texas know and recognize for quality, efficiency, and strong relationships, God willing. Call us, text us, email us, tweet us, and like us on FaceBook today to begin your journey to making your property a verdant beauty.

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